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Cosplay Plans
:damphyr: Rei Miyamoto cosplay at 85%
:damphyr: secret cosplay #6 at 45%
:damphyr: Sheryl Nome cosplay at 30%
:damphyr: Alice cosplay #1 at 15%
:damphyr: Alice cosplay #2 at 5%

So far, I've accomplished 3 of my goals for this year!

FUPO + new shoot
Finally, me and Wanda did a photoshoot! We've always talked about doing some shoots together but we never had the chance. She's just an awesome photographer and friend ♥ Oh, and Tsuki was our assistant, as well as Zent, who held the umbrella to protect :devwanda-chi:'s camera xD
Story behind this outfit: last saturday was FUPO (Feitos Um Para o Outro), a portuguese cosplay gathering/meeting. I wanted to go but my new costume wasn't ready yet, so I decided to cosplay as Sheryl but with some clothes I had at home - a 'cream' colored blouse (I simply love it, it's really baggy and comfortable <3 I bought it at <i>H&M</i> for me and my mom, since it fits both of us) and some jeans (I do know that Sheryl is always showing off her legs, but I it was a bit cold for that - though it ended up being kind of hot, despite the rain and clouds). The weather wasn't that good, it actually rained while we were taking photos and through the contest, but it wasn't a heavy rain so we managed to pull through.


And I don't know why but this clothes remind me of this song  of Sheryl Nome (May'n), so I'll probably use the lyrics to name all the photos from the shoot.


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